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Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
that are important for innovation technology and friends dogs but now i can in order to finance that it needs to reduce its spending and spending means also sent spends thirty billion on our own training and professional training every year. has anyone ever look at who gets these thirty million billion when they did the same in germany now i'm german maybe i'm biased but what if god is that most of that money was given to those who need it nice full colonel in the morning. one look at unemployment benefits. how can it be that when you are when you make a lot of money and i'm not talking about people who have to sneak them who were being fired from her in all a factory somewhere where it is easy. i'm talking about all the people around in paris who make very nice time if they get up to seven thousand euros was designed at the end i didn't think it was less than why do you pay money i the attack that left hazel. i am talking with a mind taking a wait the system. the system is skewered in that dolan who needed east. get most out of the system and back not comment. for me and to see me in your ey
Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
ideas and technological endeavors. lou will will will will. and. the wild. i'm certainly coming up over the next hour or debate focusing on education standards around the world the latest international survey shows the station students for the best by far in every category friends in the uk struggling to keep their heads above water. what makes a good score and prepares students to compete in today's world. we've got peaches analysts and economists who carried out surveys which seemed to give you their opinion an opponent after that. first though international news. thank you city and these are the headlines to see mya has been out from under it shot dead outside his time in pay rates. the shiite militant group was quick to accuse israel which denies any involvement. protesters refused to leave she as independents ladder onto the prime minister warned the opposition to stop asking making a difficult time. and then to make it to print the building faces hefty fines on anyone paying this tax to head to the senate and the next two. says israel will suffer the consequences for measurin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2